Afri Investments and Trade has built leverage as a business engaged in the supply of various goods and services. Whilst our operations were only recently launched on the Zambian market, we have over 30 years of experience in the business of fast moving consumer goods.
Through our diversified operations in other countries and Zambia inclusive, we have over 14,500 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing facilities. We also have the benefit of being the main distributor of some of the leading companies in the area of fast moving consumer goods (FCMGs).

Over the years, we have been able to create a niche in the supply of various fast moving consumer goods that are essential at both household and corporate levels. We therefore represent ourselves as a growing business that is readily able to provide various goods suitable for diverse range of customers. We have perfected the ability to understand the needs of the customers on the Zambian market place. 
Through every customer that we are privileged to serve, our mission is to deliver our goods in a manner that will help us achieve market leadership. 

We desire to be trendsetters in meeting customer expectations in a manner that will create business continuity and customer satisfaction. Like many of our references will prove, for us a satisfied customer base is the most important thing and we can only achieve that through adherence to set values.

Our Mission

To manufacture, sell and distribute a diversified portfolio of high-quality products all around Zambia. Our goal is to continue to build growth, focusing on the disciplined execution of the pillars of our strategic framework to improve our position in Zambia. The Team at Afri Trade always sees each business day as an opportunity to achieve customer satisfaction..

Our Vision

Our Vision is to achieve market leadership in the supply of High quality fast moving consumer goods at Low price and through Best service across various market segments in Zambia..

Our values

For us at Afri Trade and Investments, three values are important in all our engagements. Our business at Afri Trade and Investments is always anchored on three core values namely Integrity, Customer satisfaction and Reliability. Through upholding these values our customers are rest assured of our reliable delivery..